Trainingsgerät d8 xanto

Back to a restful sleep without snoring

In contrast to other products on the market that only combat the symptoms of snoring, the d8 xanto® provides a sustainable solution to eliminate tongue snoring.

Tongue snoring

Like all muscles in the body, the tongue muscles can also deteriorate with age if they are not sufficiently exercised. When sleeping on your back, this leads to snoring as a tongue that falls back can block the airways. This form of snoring, the Tongue snoring, is one of the most common causes of snoring.

The d8 xanto® is comparable to a fitness device for the tongue muscles. With regular training, you strengthen the posterior area of the tongue muscles at the root of the tongue and improve muscle tone. A healthy, trained tongue prevents the tongue from falling into the throat. The air supply in the windpipe is no longer obstructed and the air you breathe can circulate freely!

You can sleep peacefully again without annoying snoring!

Added Value

Healthy sleep is the basic prerequisite for a balanced and healthy life. Studies show that even the smallest noises during the deep sleep phase lead to massive losses in regeneration.

After just two weeks of training with the d8 xanto®, customers report more restful nights.

Scientific studies show that targeted and regular training of the tongue muscles has a lasting effect on the tongue muscles. The d8 xanto® is used by experienced therapists, for example for training after the nonron® method.

Another advantage of successful training is that you no longer need to wear aids such as snoring braces or masks at night.

The practical side of training with the d8 xanto®:

The training workload of 2 to 4 times a day is easy to integrate into your daily routine. You can do the training discreetly in a variety of everyday situations, whether reading, watching TV, doing leisure activities such as fishing or during an office break.

Development and manufacturing

The d8 xanto® was developed together with practitioners who are confronted with problems such as snoring, swallowing difficulties or sleep apnea on a daily basis.

The material of the d8 xanto® is biocompatible in accordance with ISO 10993-3 and contains no components that are harmful to health. Our product is manufactured, inspected, packaged and prepared for shipment in Switzerland. All materials are sourced from Switzerland and the EU.

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