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HT Vista® Scanner

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Innovative technology and artificial intelligence

Innovative products with artificial intelligence are revolutionizing today's possibilities in veterinary medicine......

HT Vista®

With HT Vista® from our partner HTVet we introduce the first non-invasive screening system for supporting an early diagnosis of lumps and bumps. to safely rule out cancer on the spot, within a few minutes only!

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HT Vista® Minicomputer

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More diagnosis with HT Vista®

Cancer is the most common cause of death in senior dogs and 1/3 of tumors are located on or under the skin. Unfortunately, many lumps or bumps are still not sampled today.

Early diagnosis is the most important and effective step in cancer treatment.

A unique new imaging technology

HT Vista® from HTVet is the first AI-driven non-invasive medical device that allows veterinarians and nurses to rule out cancer in subcutaneous and dermal masses thanks to powerful Heat Diffusion Imaging (HDI) technology. This innovative patented imaging modality relies on unique thermal signals that differ between normal and malignant tissues, as they are recorded by the device, during a short heating and cooling process. Using artificial intelligence, the algorithm compares the patient's signal with previously learned signals and calculates the probability of malignancy.

HT Vista® Screening system

Development and manufacturing

HT Vista® was developed together with veterinary oncologists and specialists in innovative imaging techniques and artificial intelligence. The algorithms for analyzing cutaneous and subcutaneous masses are continuously trained and developed further.

The system is developed and manufactured in accordance with medical technology guidelines and is approved for veterinary medicine. It is imported, controlled and trained by P12 Medical in Switzerland. The system complies with regulatory requirements of Switzerland and the EC.


HT Vista® is available on the Swiss market since March 2023. Find out more at