Veterinary medicine - new technologies

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With our new brand aveto we are postioning new innovative products for veterinary medicine to the Swiss and German speaking markets.

Our vision is to extend and improve the current possibilities for diagnosis and therapy in veterinary medicine with innovative devices or software solutions.

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Human medicine - therapeutic devices

P12 Medical Digitalisierung und Innovation

New Technologies

With our first product, the d8 xanto® training device for tongue snorers, we have proven that innovative solutions can bring sustainable results for patients.

We are open to learning about your innovative products in order to offer new possibilities for diagnosis or therapy.

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Disinfection using new technologies

Next generation

Whether in the healthcare sector, the food sector or the pharmaceutical industry, the challenges are constantly growing due to multi-resistance, drug shortages or legal requirements.

We offer new disinfection solutions that are sustainable, safe and without side effects.

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